Our Offerings

Medipta Members

Medipta has numerous benefits for the members or in other words, the general users, which includes each and every person in this country! Easy accessibility of healthcare is one our major services that users can benefit from. Also, home delivery of medicines is one more advantage they get once they connect with us!


 iconSearch for right doctors and their information immediately.


 iconBook appointment with your doctor or make changes in appointments.


 iconGet answers to your questions by chatting with doctors.


 iconReduces waiting time at laboratory for collecting test reports and fewer visits to doctors for shareing the same


 iconMedicines will be available at door step


 iconAll health records, prescription, reports will be auto saved .


 iconReminder for doctor’s appointment


 iconReminders for medications.


 iconMonitor your own health proactively.


 iconEasy to share reports with healthcare providers or for second consultation.


 iconEncourage family health management by maintaining Health record of family members.


 iconTips available for personal care.


 iconGet quotations from various insurance companies and compare them.


 iconUpload, save, share and maintain records as per convenience at one place.


 iconTrack orders placed for drugs


  iconMaintain medical records easily for lifetime.



  iconTo know appointment for the day.


  iconEasy to collect and Study Patients report, having more data helps to make better decision.


  iconShare and discuss patients reports with others specialized doctors.


  iconDoctors will be able to guide patients by giving answers to their questions by direct chat.


  iconAble to give reference of other doctors to patients.


  iconSpace for posting health relates articles.


  icon Electronic medical record of all patients can be maintained, thus elimination of back end data collection.


  iconEasy to send prescription/ drug list to chemist.


  iconEasy reach to remote area patients.


  iconImprove Patient Engagement.


  iconGet appointment for patients from various associate GP’s,Consultants & Hospitals in           uniform format.

  iconOffers different scheme to patients and doctors.

  iconImprove communication in referral management system.

  iconReports are collected and shared online with Patients, doctors and hospitals.

  iconReferral and clinical notes are received online from associated doctors and hospitals.

 icon Helpful for inter office communication.

  iconHelpful in getting patients from other health-care providers.

  iconEffortless communication with doctors and hospital staff.

  iconElimination of bulky paper records to store, manage with less errors.

  iconAccess to maintain effective clinical data, work flow and strong support system.

  iconUp to date information for discussion making.

  iconGet medical information about patients past and current condition in single unified view.

  iconIncrease reach by providing services to patients from remote area.

  iconImproved, safer and convenience healthcare solutions to patients.

 icon Offer various services and promotional activities like surgery packages, speciality camps etc.